End‑to‑end warehouse, logistics, and transportation solutions

We use intelligent routing to optimise your shipping solutions based on the needs of you and your customers.
Our solutions are flexible to allow customisation based on your priorities and requirements. From cost and time sensitivity to complexities associated with electrical goods with batteries, we will find the best, the shortest, and the most cost-efficient shipping route for you.

Our Goal

Our company offers a complete solution end-to-end to each one of our clients.We understand that no company operate the same so we never treat two clients the same.Wehave continue to grow year-after-year because the way we work with each one of our clients.
Forwarding is not just transportation of goods but that add up to 30% value to a product.Our goal is to run our clients logistics smoothly so they can focus on growing their business.

Didadi's Service

Facts & Figures

Successful Delivery

We fully support the sharing of resources, experience and technology across borders and industries.


We are on the road of globalization.


Customer needs lead our growth, and customer satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Warehouse Space

we have an independent warehouse in Shenzhen,we can store the goods for you, palletzing, repacking…




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