CN-EU丨Freight Market

EU Sea Freight

  1. Since June, the Shanghai Container Freight Index (SCFI) has seen a slight increase for the first time, ending the downward trend of 28 consecutive weeks. Among them, the route from Shanghai to Europe rose by 2.76%. The Lunar New Year is about to enter, and the off-season will enter after the New Year. It is expected that freight rates will not fluctuate too much in the near future.
  2. The performance of various ports in Western Europe: Bremerhaven, Germany and Dunkirk, France are both in a relatively congested state. The backlog of railway loading and unloading at the Port of Hamburg, Germany has led to a rising utilization rate of the yard. European Christmas and New Year holidays have also aggravated the congestion of various ports.
  3. Affected by the large-scale strikes in various industries in the UK and Amazon’s warehouse allocation, the warehouse explosion of DPD warehouses in the UK is still relatively serious, and the efficiency of products on the shelves locally and the efficiency of container pick-up at ports are affected to varying degrees.

CN-EU International Trucks

  1. On the morning of December 28, Alashankou City held a symposium on optimizing the customs clearance process and improving capabilities at highway ports, focusing on discussions on the adoption of customs clearance models at highway ports under the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, requiring full opening of ports, and using drop-and-drop mode to direct traffic mode transition, and finally completely switch to the through mode for customs clearance, further shortening the customs clearance time and improving the carrying capacity of highway port customs clearance.
  2. During the New Year’s Day in 2023, the ports in northern Xinjiang and Kazakhstan will be closed for two days from January 1st to 2nd, and domestic and foreign vehicles can pass normally on January 3rd;
  3. The customs clearance congestion at the ports of Belarus entering the EU has gradually eased, and the average time limit for entry clearance is 2-3 days. However, due to the impact of severe winter wind and snow, the speed of vehicle entry into the EU will still be slower than the normal efficiency.

CN-EU Railway Express

  1. Under the new prevention and control policy, the quarantine and management measures for inbound and outbound vehicles and goods have been relaxed to a certain extent, which will help achieve more efficient railway transportation.
  2. With the recovery of market demand, Kazakhstan Railways (KTZ) stated that the transfer fee in 2023 will remain stable in response to the recent rising transit fee, but the market generally predicts that the future transportation cost will continue to increase.

Europe -Shipping Tips:

1. The freight rate in 2023 may have returned to the normal level before the epidemic.

The container freight rate index rose for the first time in the past half a year. Under the dual effects of the continuous reduction of shipping line capacity by shipping companies and the decline in cargo volume in the export market, shipping prices are expected to remain basically stable and will not experience significant fluctuations.

2. The efficiency of the land transportation channel after the adjustment of the epidemic prevention policy will be higher.

With the announcement of China’s “New Ten Measures” for epidemic prevention, a series of optimization measures have been made for epidemic prevention at border ports, and the import and export efficiency of land transportation channels and the carrying capacity of customs clearance will be significantly improved. It is expected that the timeliness and stability of European truck land transportation and block trains in 2023 will be better than those of the previous two years.

CN-US丨Freight Market

1. The severe weather in the United States continues, and inland transportation is difficult

A new round of winter extreme cold storm is affecting many parts of the United States, and it is expected to bring severe weather effects such as blizzards and tornadoes. New York State has declared a state of emergency. The blizzard has paralyzed many parts of the United States. American Airlines has canceled thousands of flights flight. The extreme cold storm is more destructive to the US logistics supply chain, and the domestic pick-up and last-mile delivery transportation are greatly affected.

2. The freight rate between Asia and the west coast of the United States returned to normal

According to FBX data, the China-US west coast freight rate is US$1,378 per 40-foot equivalent unit. The index has remained basically unchanged since November 23. This is the first time since the new crown epidemic that it has returned to the level of this time in previous years in 2019.

In addition, in terms of capacity data: the capacity of the Asia-America West route increased by 37.8% compared with the same period in 2019, and increased by 35.8% compared with the average capacity level from 2016 to 2019. Due to the oversupply of shipping capacity in the market, shipping companies can only continue to reduce shipping capacity and suspend voyages.

USA – Shipping Tips:

1. The import volume of various ports in the United States continued to decline, and the trend tended to be stable

In recent months, the import volume of the United States has continued to decline, especially the decline in imports from the west of the United States during the peak season, but as the trend gradually slows down, coupled with shipping companies’ capacity restrictions on routes, freight rates will also tend to stabilize.

2. The winter storm continues to affect North America, and the local supply chain is blocked

According to a report by the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on January 1 local time, a new round of winter storms is passing through the western and midwestern United States and the Gulf of Mexico, and is expected to bring blizzards and tornadoes. Supply chain transportation in the United States will be greatly affected.

3. North American ports have smooth sailing schedules and stable shipping schedules, and all shipping routes can be selected with confidence

Affected by the decline in market volume, the operation timeliness of the West American port and the Vancouver port in Canada are good, and there is no large-scale congestion. You can choose the appropriate channel for delivery according to your own stocking cycle needs. In addition, overseas warehouse channels can also be selected.

CN-US Express Register Solutions

1. Due to the continuous impact of extreme cold weather in North America, all airline flights in North America before and after Christmas at the end of December 2022 were affected to varying degrees, and airlines have canceled nearly 20,000 flights in total. Several large airlines companies are more affected by the weather. Other airlines also had a percentage of flight cancellations on Monday. At present, flights have gradually resumed.

2. The recent acceptance rate of small packages in the United States

U.S. Express Small Packet (Support Pre-Internet Track) U.S. Economy Small Packet

The 9-day sign-in rate is 93% and the 13-day sign-in rate is 90%

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Both general cargo and goods with electricity can be accepted.