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CN-EU丨Freight Market

EU Sea Freight

1. Liverpool dock workers have accepted the new salary proposal and canceled further strike plans. At present, the efficiency of container import and export operations in various ports in the UK is performing well. However, the labor and labor in Felixstowe Port have not yet reached an agreement, and there are still hidden dangers of strikes during peak seasons. . Affected by the maintenance of roads and Elbe River Tunnel facilities in Germany, the delivery efficiency of inland trucks has dropped significantly.

2. The performance of various ports in Western Europe: the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven in Germany, the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium, and the port of Dunkirk in France have recently performed poorly in terms of import cargo handling capacity, and ports generally suffer from labor shortages and yard occupation issues such as high rates.

CN-EU International Trucks

1. On the 16th, the Kazakhstan News Agency quoted the Kazakhstan Ministry of Finance’s National Revenue Committee as saying that the Kazakhstan-China border Dostyk Port (Alashankou on the Chinese side) will start a pilot electronic queuing system on the 23rd. The introduction of the electronic queuing system is aimed at ensuring the transparency and digitization of the formation of queues of vehicles and goods entering border crossings, as well as increasing Kazakhstan’s transit transport and export potential.

2. Recently, the customs inspection is relatively strict, the port processing capacity is slow, and the queuing vehicles continue to increase. All ports from Belarus to the European Union have increased congestion to varying degrees.

CN-EU Railway Express

1. The inspection rate of the China-Europe Railway Express passing through the Poland-Belarus border port Malasevic has increased significantly recently, and most of the inspection methods are open-box inspections that take a long time.

2. There are also a small number of short-term inspections in Kazakhstan, and the inspection rates of all countries have increased at the end of the year.

· Europe -Shipping Tips:

1. In November, all countries will generally enter the inspection peak “peak season”, and relevant materials need to be prepared in advance.

According to the experience of previous years, whether it is a sea port or a land port, the customs inspection rate of each country will increase to varying degrees at the end of the year. Commodities intensify the crackdown. Therefore, please be sure to prepare all relevant qualification certificates and material descriptions in advance to quickly respond to inspections and reduce delays.

2. The freight rate of the Asia-Europe shipping line continued to decline, the port was generally stable, and the cost performance was high.

Affected by the decline in market volume, ocean freight rates continue to decline, operations and congestion at major ports are gradually optimized, the efficiency of supply chain transportation in the ocean freight market has improved, and the phenomenon of empty shifts skipping ports has also decreased significantly in the near future. Therefore, in the near future, if It needs to be shipped from China to European countries, and it is more cost-effective to choose sea transportation.

CN-US丨Freight Market

1. During the Thanksgiving holiday, terminal operations may be affected.

Holidays will not affect the unloading and unloading operations of container ships at the port, but the pickup of containers by trucks at the wharf may be affected. Most of the wharves will suspend the lifting of containers during the holidays. For details, please refer to the policies of each wharf.

2. Congestion in Canadian ports slightly increased compared with September.

The number of congestions in the Port of Vancouver, Canada has increased significantly recently, with a month-on-month increase of 33%. The congestion of various inland railway ramps has caused the overall supply chain to be relatively tight, but the overall situation remains stable and smooth.

3. The inventory pressure of Amazon’s popular warehouses is high, and it is difficult to make an appointment to put on the shelves.

Affected by the peak season shopping festival, most of Amazon’s popular warehouses (such as ONT8, FTW1, LGB8, LAX9, etc.) have experienced serious inventory pressure, so that the time for some affected goods to enter the warehouse will be extended. will improve.

4. Amazon’s shipping costs are rising across the board.

Last week, the platform released a change notice on sales commissions and logistics fees, announcing that it will adjust logistics delivery fees, and each item will increase by an average of US$0.22, which will take effect on January 17, 2023. This is also the third time Amazon has increased delivery this year. fee.

5. Port of Los Angeles imports fall to lowest level since 2009 in October.

Total throughput in Los Angeles in October was 678,429 TEU, down 25% from 2021 and the third consecutive month of double-digit declines since imports slowed in August. The main reason is that due to the unstable situation in the labor negotiations between the West and the United States, a large number of goods have been transferred from the West Coast to the East Coast. At present, except for the port of Oakland, the congestion situation of ports in the west of the United States is gradually improving.

· USA -Shipping Tips:

1. Amazon warehouses have been rescheduled in a large area, and this situation is expected to continue.

During the peak season, Amazon’s warehouses are generally under heavy storage pressure. In order to avoid affecting the shelves, pay attention to lengthen the stocking cycle, especially in popular warehouses such as ONT8, FTW1, LGB8, LAX9, and SBD1, which need to reserve more than 2-3 weeks for the shelves time.

2. It is not ruled out that the platform may continue to limit the storage capacity, and we will recommend you to use Matson and overseas warehouses.

During the peak shopping season, the shelf time of goods in the warehouse will be longer, and there is a risk of out-of-stock, so we recommend that you go to Matson or overseas warehouses with faster timeliness to shorten the delivery cycle.

CN-US Express Register Solutions

1. The latest data pointed out that air cargo demand in October fell by 8% year-on-year. According to current indications, the import and export volume of the market in November will further deteriorate. However, even with the price drop, airlines still plan to increase air freight prices. Starting from December 5, UPS will increase the fuel surcharge for its US air freight import and export services by 150 basis points (1.5%). In the peak season, it is expected that the overall air freight market price will rise slightly in the near future.

2. FedEx is reducing the number of flights it operates and temporarily storing aircraft to offset the decline in revenue caused by the decline in e-commerce demand after the epidemic. It canceled 8 to 9 daily international flight frequencies and about 23 domestic flight frequencies in October, and will cut another eight to nine international flights in November as demand continues to decline this month.