CN-EU丨Freight Market

EU Sea Freight

1. Affected by problems such as high inventory and unstable consumption in Europe and the United States, the shipping company plans to cancel about 50% of the scheduled voyages of FEWB (Asia-Europe) and TPEB (Asia-North America) after the Spring Festival on January 22. However, the demand for Asia-Europe trade has shown positive growth recently, and the large-scale suspension of sailings in the future will make the shipping space more tense.

2. The performance of various ports in Western Europe: The supply chain of Southampton port in the UK was temporarily interrupted due to the closure of the pilot station and the outbreak of the tugboat crew; the turnaround time of ships in German ports increased, and Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, and Dunkirk ports in general.There is relatively congestion, but the degree of congestion has gradually eased.

3. Affected by Amazon’s stockpiling, the explosion of DPD warehouses in the UK is still relatively serious, and the efficiency of products on the shelves locally is affected to varying degrees. In addition, the UK will face one of the most destructive large-scale strikes in history in the past two weeks, which is expected to have a certain degree of impact on the supply chain during the Christmas season.

CN-EU International Trucks

1. Affected by winter and holidays, the operating cost of the fleet increases the overall mainline transportation cost, and the truck transportation price will fluctuate slightly in the near future;

2. The customs clearance congestion at the ports of Belarus entering the EU has gradually eased, and the average time limit for entry clearance is 2-3 days. However, due to the impact of severe winter wind and snow, the speed of vehicle entry into the EU will still be slower than the normal efficiency.

CN-EU Railway Express

1. With the recovery of market demand, Kazakhstan Railways (KTZ) stated that the fee in 2023 will remain stable in response to the recent rising transit fee, but the market generally predicts that the future transportation cost will continue to increase.

2. The introduction of the new prevention and control policy has created great convenience for the inspection and transportation of ports and land ports, and the number of containers passing through the Malaszewicz port has also shown a significant growth trend.

Europe -Shipping Tips:

1. British DPD warehouse explosion and large-scale strikes threaten the supply chain

According to feedback from the front line, the warehouses of many express delivery companies in the UK have been filled with Christmas goods, so that many warehouses no longer accept new goods for transit storage.In addition, workers in postal, railway, customs, medical care and other industries plan to A series of strike actions in December and January will have a certain degree of impact on the supply chain in the short term.

2. The wind and snow weather in the north in winter has little effect on trains and shipping, the stability is good.

After entering winter, the Nordic wind and snow weather will have a certain impact on the efficiency of land transportation. The performance of railway and sea transportation is stable, and due to the year-on-year decline in market volume, the congestion of land ports and harbor has basically eased. It is recommended to choose railway and sea transportation channels in the near future.

CN-US丨Freight Market

1. Changes to storage fees on Amazon US site

Amazon announced that a storage utilization surcharge will be imposed on sellers whose store in Amazon fulfillment centers and whose inventory is high relative to their recent weekly sales volume. The effective date of the change is April 1, 2023.

At the same time, Amazon will charge a surcharge for overage inventory. Increase the surcharge for inventory age between 271-365 days.For inventory age between 180-270 days, an overage inventory surcharge will be levied, excluding products in the following categories: clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and clocks. The changes will take effect on April 15, 2023.

2. The container import volume of the United States in November decreased by 19.4% year-on-year

Descartes reported that compared with October 2022, U.S. container imports fell 12% last month to 1.95 million TEUs, only 2.8% higher than in November 2019 before the pandemic; among them, U.S. imports from China containers continued their downward trend, down 11.1% year-on-year to 686,514 TEUs, down 31.5% from the August 2022 high. However, compared with October, among the top 10 importing countries of the United States last month, the data of exports to the United States from Vietnam, Thailand and Germany were all lower than those of China.

3. The Port of Vancouver is stable, and the efficiency of inland railway transportation continues to decline.

The yard utilization rate at the Port of Vancouver remained high at 96%, and a crane at the terminal was still down, affecting berth No. 2. Rail transport efficiency continues to decline, partly due to continued congestion and volume declines on the Inland Rail ramp (Toronto). Vessel dwell times have stabilized at an average of 6.7 days.

USA – Shipping Tips:

1. Pay attention to the time limit for picking up the cabinet will be delayed when arriving in Hong Kong during the Christmas holiday

Containers can still be unloaded normally at the port during the Christmas period, but the efficiency of picking up containers at some terminals will be reduced or even stopped, and the time limit will be slightly delayed. According to the current shipping time limit and sailing situation, in order to maximize the logistics cost, we will ship express shipping this week. The ship’s cargo will arrive at the port after the start of the Christmas holiday, just staggering the Christmas holiday.

2. Recently, North American ports and inland areas are unobstructed, and the shipping schedule is stable. All shipping routes can be selected with confidence

The Christmas freight season is over, the overall supply chain is gradually eased, and the efficiency of trunk transportation and terminal delivery will be improved. You can choose the appropriate channel for delivery according to your own stocking cycle needs. In addition, overseas warehouse channels can also be selected.

CN-US Express Register Solutions

1. Affected by extreme cold weather in North America, there was a sudden blizzard on December 11, local time, which greatly reduced the transfer efficiency of Anchorage ANC Airport, seriously affecting the efficiency of air transport between China and the United States. At present, some runways are still closed to clear snow, but the overall freight transport efficiency has basically recovered.

2. In November, air cargo market demand fell for nine consecutive months, falling to the lowest level since October 2020, but the decline has slowed down, down 2% month-on-month. Compared with 2021, the billing weight in November will decrease by 8%, and the global air cargo capacity will decrease by 1%.

3. The recent acceptance rate of small packages in the United States.

U.S. Express Small Packet (Support Pre-Internet Track) U.S. Economy Small Packet.

The 9-day sign-in rate is 93% and the 13-day sign-in rate is 90%(Please contact our business to get the latest quotation).

Both general cargo and goods with electricity can be accepted.