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EU Sea Freight

1. The British Communications Workers Union (CWU) announced that 115,000 Royal Mail workers will go on strike twice on 11.24-25 and 11.30-12.1. The strike deliberately chooses the busiest Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, and does not rule out that it may be on Christmas Day The strike also continued. Therefore, the “Last Mile Delivery” delivery service efficiency will be affected to varying degrees during the peak season

2. The ports of Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven and Bremerhave in Germany were affected by the backlog of storage yards, shortage of labor and tugboats, and the ships stayed for a long time; Southampton Port still has certain problems due to equipment failure, high passenger flow, weather and other factors. There are delays, but according to actual statistics, the overall operation efficiency still maintains a normal level; the operation efficiency of the ports of Zeebrugge and Dunkirk is relatively slow, and the operations of other ports in Europe are maintained well.

3. La fédération des Entreprises de Belgique(FEB) will hold strikes and related demonstrations on November 9. At that time, the container pick-up operations of Belgian railways, BRU/CRL airports, postal services, and Antwerp ports will all be affected. In addition, November 11 is a legal holiday in Belgium, and transshipment efficiency will also slow down.

CN-EU International Trucks

1. Recently, the inspection rate of Belarusian ports leading to the EU has decreased, and there is still a certain degree of backlog at the Alashankou port. The average customs clearance time is 3-5 days, and the Baktu port is still stable for 1-2 days for fast customs clearance.

2. Kazakhstan is carrying out modernization and technical upgrades for public/railway checkpoints and dispatching departments. After the upgrade, it is expected that the capacity of transit ports such as Dostyk and Maykapchagay will increase by 8 times, and the transit time is expected to be reduced from the original 2h to 25min.

CN-EU Railway Express

1. Due to the large number of outbound trains planned in the near future, the imperfect railway infrastructure in the countries along the line has led to congestion in overseas stations, and the replacement capacity is relatively insufficient. At the same time, the circulation of trains and plates is not timely, which will cause the railway to be congested to a certain extent;

2. A third cross-border railway port will be built between China and Kazakhstan (the first two are in Alashankou and Khorgos respectively), and the port will be located between Baktu Port in Tacheng, Xinjiang and Abai Oblast, Kazakhstan. In addition, the new loading and unloading facilities at Khorgos Gateway, located in Khorgos, on the China-Kazakhstan border, have been put into operation, and the capacity of China-Europe freight trains will be steadily and rapidly increased in the future.

· Europe -Shipping Tips:

1. During the peak season, the last mile delivery in the UK needs to pay attention to the possibility of delay.

The British Royal Mail workers deliberately go on strike in the peak season, which will have an impact on the delivery of orders in the peak season, but the platform will also take certain actions to solve or alleviate the delivery problem, and the overall impact is expected to be small.

2. The shipping market has improved as a whole, air flights have been reduced and stable, and Qatar Airways is still the best choice for land transportation.

Affected by the decline in market volume, the operations and congestion of major ports have been gradually optimized, the supply chain transportation efficiency of the shipping market has improved, and the phenomenon of empty port skipping has also been significantly reduced in the near future. Qatar Airways’ performance remains stable.


1. Workers at the Port of Oakland in West America went on strike, intending to block the port.

Last week, on the morning of Wednesday (November 2), U.S. time, workers at the Port of Oakland went on strike due to arrears in wages, and immediately closed several container terminals including Everport, TraPac, OICT and Howard, and the terminal operations were completely suspended. The Port of Oakland terminals are now reopened. The stagnation of operations has caused a certain degree of backlog and congestion at the terminal. The average stay time of ships is 5.08 days, and there are more than 20 ships waiting to unload containers outside the port.

2. The Port of Houston will charge for long-term backlogs of containers.

Recently, the Port of Houston approved a fee on long-standing container backlogs aimed at clearing the backlog of imported cargo at two of its marine terminals. Beginning on December 1, the port will charge “sustained import dwell fee” of $45 per day for loaded containers past the free period (about 5-7 days), which does not include demurrage.

3. Amazon’s peak season is seriously bursting, and the storage time may be longer.

As the peak season is approaching, affected by the long-term inventory backlog and insufficient sales growth, Amazon’s major warehouses have experienced serious warehouse explosions, and the waiting time for unloading is very long. At the same time, some Amazon warehouses refuse to accept containers due to equipment failure. With the Amazon AWD service It is expected that the situation of “slow warehousing” will become more frequent or even normalized in the future. The delivery of all our goods is still guaranteed to be within the promised time limit.

· USA -Shipping Tips:

1. The popular warehouses in the United States are seriously bursting, pay attention to reserve more time

Now is the critical period for sales and delivery in the peak season. At the same time, after Amazon launched the AWD service, it intends to guide sellers to use this service. Therefore, in order to avoid the impact of stock explosion on the shelves, pay attention to lengthening the stocking cycle, especially for ONT8, FTW1, LGB8, LAX9, SBD1 warehouses that have been liquidated for a long time usually need to reserve more than 2 weeks for the listing time.

2. We will recommend everyone to take the Mason Clippers.

Due to the common occurrence of warehouse explosions in Amazon’s warehouses during the peak season, the shelf time will be extended, and the risk of out-of-stock is likely to occur after the stocking cycle is elongated. Therefore, we would recommend that you take the faster time-effective Mason Express to shorten the stocking cycle. , to prevent the risk of out-of-stock.

CN-US Express Register Solutions

1. Since December last year, the global air cargo price has dropped by two-thirds, down about 25% from the same period last year to US$3.15 per kilogram. However, due to the shortage of capacity and social problems caused by inflation, the labor force of major airports has Affected to varying degrees, overall air freight prices are not as volatile as sea freight, and easing of port congestion and lower demand have brought freight rates down 70% to 85% from a year ago.

2. Affected by the reduction of consumer spending on commodities, export manufacturing contracts and goods, the capacity space on many international trade routes is once again abundant, and the goods in the market have turned to more cost-effective sea freight services. With so much economic and geopolitical uncertainty, the air cargo market is forecast to continue to shrink.