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EU Sea Freight

1. In the port of Hamburg, the outbreak of COVID-19 infection and quarantine measures has resulted in the lack of some labor force. But the good news is that the Hamburg Court issued a 6-week “No Strike period’’ between the wharf labor union and the HHLA to prevent the further worsening of supply chain tension.

2. The port of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Felixstowe are currently in normal traffic, but the previous strikes will still lead to different degrees of congestion and delay, and the routes returning to Asia will be late, resulting in additional delays and blank sailing.

CN-EU International Trucks

1. Due to the temporary congestion at Alashankou, the international trucks will be delayed 2-3 days in the market. However, our company has reserved extra capacity, so our transit time will not be affected by the congestion currently.

2. Recently, the border of Belarus and Poland continue congested. Polish Customs plans to upgrade the electronic number arrangement system, so that drivers can make an appointment through the system in advance, and the congestion will be alleviated. The entry time of our trucks is about 1-2 days, which is not affected by the congestion at present.

3. The joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council in China issued a notice: requiring classified management of imported non-cold chain articles: low-risk imported non-cold chain articles shall no longer implement the nucleic acid testing of novel coronavirus and preventive disinfection; high-risk imported non-cold chain articles shall only implement preventive disinfection in accordance with the division of labor and process stipulated in the notice, and no more novel coronavirus-nucleic acid testing for imported non-cold chain articles.

CN-EU Railway Express

1. With the gradual recovery of the market, some of the countries along the railroad, ports and other infrastructures are not be improved, resulting in unbalanced turnover of the board, the return trains in Kazakhstan are not enough capacity to change containers, a small number of trains will be delayed 3-5 days, but the overall movement remains stable.

2. Part of the railway section is affected by the renovation of the end section, mainly from the Malashevich in Poland to Duisburg in Germany, which is expected to delay 5-7 days.

· Europe -Shipping Tips:

1. Ocean shipping is not recommended to go to the ports of German, since congestion there can’t be eased in the short term.

The problems of German ports involve many aspects, including the shortage of labor, railway congestion, crane equipment maintenance, the people’s summer break, the corona pandemic and many other problems, lead to port congestion, which will not be recovered in the short term, so it is suggested to consider other ports.

2. The performance of international truck is continually good, not affected by congestion at the border gates, so highly recommended!

Whether stability or timeliness, the performance of international truck during the Russian-Ukrainian war is extremely good. Although in the market there are many trucks congestion at the Xinjiang and the White Russian, our company’s truckload shipments are performing well. That would be a recommended choice!


1. Oakland port has been recovered: due to the implementation of the AB5 bill in California led to a strike of nearly 1,000 truckers and blockade of the Oakland docks into the gates, the blockade lasted a full week, and according to the feedback on site, the protesters have withdrawn on 25th, July, so the protest activities was stopped. The Oakland terminal operators are currently speeding up the progress to handle the blockade caused by the import and export container backlog and vessel congestion.

2. Due to the implementation of the AB5 Bill, except for Oakland, the efficiency of container pick-up at each port is affected in different degree by the strikes of truck drivers in LA and LB. At present, the overall impact on the timeliness is mild, and the container pick-up can be transported into the warehouse normally.

3. In the container yard of Los Angeles Port, the containers of more than 9 days hold-up had a significant downward trend recently, and the average retention time of the containers in the yard has fallen.The container backlog problem is gradually eased under the influence of the local government through many aspects.

· USA -Shipping Tips:

1. Although the Port of Oakland has lifted lockdown, it still needs time to recover.

According to feedback, terminal operators arranged for trucks to process the backlog of containers immediately as protesters left and barricaded the gates in case protesters come back to block the supply chain again. According to feedback from the president of Oakland Port Freight Services, the debris there has been cleared and the port has returned to normal, but it will take some time to get through.

2. The transit time of other routes have performed very well recently.

In addition to the impact of the Oakland emergency, the recent performance of American shipping is very good both time and rate, The problem of labor negotiations at the Western ports of U.S. is also nothing to worry about, Nevertheless, still recommended!

CN-US Express Register Solutions

1. To coordinate with the Corona pandemic prevention and control policy in Shenzhen, the cross-border traffic flow between China mainland and Hong Kong will be restricted in the near future, and all cross-border quotas for land transport will be reduced by about 80%, a large number of shipments had to change to the fast vessel, and T/T will be later than land transport, but the overall impact is not big.

2. The quota adjustment of the land transport in China mainland and Hong Kong is directly affected by the corona pandemic control in Shenzhen, so the quota reduction is a short-term adjustment. It is expected that the transport capacity will recover in the near future with the better situation.

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