Warehouse Distribution Network

We have an independent warehouse in Shenzhen,we can store the goods for you, palletzing, repacking, inspection,marking and other services. If you have different suppliers, and you want to ship together, you can let your suppliers send the goods to our warehouse or we help you pick up goods, then we will consolidate the goods in warehouse.And we can provide oversea warehousing in Germany.

Xinjiang Linkage Warehouse

Realize the price of truck transportation, the timeliness of air freight, and save 40% of the cost.
Advantage 1: It can replace air shipping (the time limit of air freight, the cost of truck transportation)
Advantage 2: Reduce domestic warehouse pressure
Advantage 3: Reduce the risk of overseas stocking


German Overseas Warehouse

Frankfurt overseas warehouse, FBA first trip, overseas warehousing, all at once.
International express such as terminal UPS, DHL, GLS, etc., guarantee safety and timeliness. Professional operators, professional system support, dedicated operating sites, standardized operating procedures, one-click instructions, so that your products immediately meet Amazon's storage requirements.

Domestic front warehouse

The inventory management center and the drop shipping warehouse in front of the goods supply place provide one-stop solution for your inventory management, order labeling, packaging and delivery, release your unlimited potential, and help you with the lowest capital cost and compliance Risk and inventory pressure to achieve a more impressive profit conversion rate.

Warehousing Services

1. Warehouse planning
  1. 1. Selective consultation and purchase of storage equipment

  2. Customized and personalized operation solutions

  3. Increase work efficiency and reduce costs

2. Professional management
  1. Support the warehouse and distribution management demand characteristics of different products in multiple industries
  2. Advanced equipment and sophisticated management process
3. Door-to-door pickup

In the urban area of Shenzhen, where merchants are concentrated, Didadi provides door-to-door collection services.