The Chinese New Year is coming to an end, and various industries have gradually resumed work. In the first week of the new year, the freight rate of container shipping dropped sharply, and major shipping companies continued to reduce their shipping capacity on a large scale by reducing classes and suspending sailings. In addition, they will also slow down the speed of the ship to reduce the capacity and reduce the cost of oil prices. In this case, other than preparing for the development trend of the company, import and export trade enterprises need to do the following things well.

Grasp the production progress of goods. Relevant persons in charge of import and export enterprises should understand the resumption of work of suppliers, and pay special attention to supply capacity and price changes after the New Year. If the goods are not produced in sufficient quantities, it is necessary to negotiate with the manufacturer to adjust the production schedule. Manufacturers should ensure that professional production personnel are in place, machine inspections are completed and materials are sufficient for the normal operation of the production line. At the same time, goods suppliers should do a good job in quality control to reduce unnecessary long-distance returns and exchanges.

Communicate with the logistics forwarder in time. The person in charge of the import and export company must know in advance with the logistics forwarder whether the shipping channels and routes after the Spring Festival will be affected. If sea transportation is required and timeliness needs to be taken into account, the logistics forwarder can provide 2-3 customized multimodal transport solutions and reasonable quotations for customers’ reference and selection. In addition, import and export trade enterprises should also grasp the transportation progress and delay information of the previous shipments, so as to facilitate explanations when contacting customers.

Manage orders by category. To classify orders according to their status, special attention is required to record canceled orders and orders in delivery and to follow up to understand the reasons. For orders involving shipping, product production progress, bill of lading, sample size and model, etc., you need to contact the docking person in time for processing.

Feedback with customers. Whether the goods are sent out and arrive at the destination in time is the most concerned issue of customers. Therefore, after knowing the transportation situation of the goods corresponding to the customer, we should give the customer feedback in time. At the same time, keep abreast of the new needs of customers and make records for future optimization.

Prepare emergency operations plans. In order to prevent insufficient supply from affecting sales, import and export foreign trade enterprises should set up multiple alternative suppliers of similar products in advance, or choose other spot channels. For delivery channels, import and export sellers can also research multiple logistics providers in advance and choose several professional forwarders to cooperate with. DIDADI has obtained 12 years of international logistics business experience, mainly focusing on logistics solutions such as FCL/LCL/DDU/DDP/FOB and global digital warehouse distribution of providing digital, transparency, and customized cross-border logistics solutions for global e-commerce business partners. During the Chinese New Year, we are also working hard to ensure that customers’ goods are transported to the destination normally. We are very much looking forward to cooperating with you.

After the Chinese New Year, import and export foreign trade enterprises will face some challenges in shipments. We believe that import and export sellers can do the above things well to ensure the smooth operation of the business.