As an international freight forwarder in China, we help solve the supply chain problems of local import foreign traders in Europe and North America by implementing the following strategies.

Standardized Service Process

We will keep in close contact with customers and gain a deep understanding of their needs in order to optimize their supply chain logistics, including choosing the most suitable mode of transportation and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and customs procedures, looking for ways to reduce transportation time, reduce costs and Ways to minimize the risk of delay or disruption.

Diversified Supply Chain Sources

We have more diversified transportation route options to reduce the company’s dependence on any one route. This helps reduce risk and ensures continuity of supply, even in the face of unexpected disruptions. For example, from China to Europe, we have international truck, railway, shipping and air transportation, and from China to North America, we have various types of routes to provide sea and air transportation services with different timeliness and prices.

Using Technology and Data

We independently develop logistics systems such as WMS and TMS to improve the visibility and data analysis of supply chains such as logistics and warehousing. This helps customers monitor in real-time and understand areas that need adjustment for proactive problem solving.

Provide Value-added Services

We have reliable local operation teams in China, Europe, North America and many other places to provide additional services that help simplify the import process for customers, such as customs declaration, warehousing or cargo insurance. These services can help ease the burden on customers and improve their overall supply chain experience.

Conduct Regular Risk Assessments

regularly assess risks in the customer’s supply chain and implement risk mitigation strategies. This helps minimize the impact of potential disruptions and ensures the continuity of its operations.

We keep abreast of the latest trends and best practices in the logistics industry and proactively identify new opportunities for your clients. DIDADI has obtained 12 years of international logistics business experience, mainly focusing on logistics solutions such as FCL/LCL/DDU/DDP/FOB and global digital warehouse distribution. Help global foreign trade companies maintain a leading position in the competition, and provide customers with cutting-edge international supply chain solutions.